Earl's Bike Shop Words

Earl's Pre-MplusM Monday Road Ride


At Ammazza Pizza (591 Edgewood Ave SE)

December 6, 2022

no ride :(

Rain on the horizon


Meet at 5:30 pm

Roll out at 5:45 pm

Meet up with MplusM at 7:15 - 7:30 pm

~20 mi, ~1000 - 2000 ft of elevation

15 - 16 mph avg

**Check for updates here or in our Instagram Stories**

Rotating Routes:


Route 01

Route 02

Route 03

Route 04

*Helmets are mandatory*

These are *drop rides* and will challenge each rider. This one is a bit more relaxed than our Saturday ride but this will still be brisk.

Be ok riding by yourself or not in the front group. We will never make any feel like they are less than anyone else. On the contrary, we embrace and cheer on anyone that wants to grow as a cyclist.

The hope is that groups will naturally form within the ride.

We highly recommend a cycling computer and that the route is uploaded before we roll out. 

You are responsible for yourself. Whether you have a computer or not, you are responsible for making it safely home or back to the shop.

A positive attitude is required. Whether these rides are easy or hard for you, come out to have fun and maybe learn from each other. Even the most seasoned rider will always learn from someone else.

Now, let's get rad!

Photo: Ray Jones