Earl's Bike School

Earl's Bike School is ready for you!

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Enrollment in our bicycle repair school starting the first week of November 2022 is now open!

We want to empower our customers with the skills and techniques to understand how to maintain their bikes and have more confidence while riding. We hope the skills learned in our classes will encourage riders to feel more confident and have more fun while commuting or riding for recreation. 

Our classes will focus on money-saving prevention tips, tools & accessory recommendations, and common problem-solving techniques taught by our own veteran skilled technicians. All students will work on their bicycles during each course. 

Prices listed below. 15% discount on class total when signing up for 3 or more classes. Classes will alternate between Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat. 

Maximum 4 students per class. 

To sign up, tap on our 'Contact Us' Link below then tap on our number, or simply text us at 404-935-9115 and we'll get you started!

Available classes:


$100 per hour 

If you want to know more outside the classes listed below or have more personalized instruction, you can have a dedicated instructor for your needs. In addition, complete frame-up instruction is available. 

Suspension 101: Set-up and Care

30-40 min - $60

How tire pressure, the air in suspension/tires, rebound, & compression changes the ride—Sag set-up. Wear prevention and cleaning techniques. 

Suspension Fork 50 hr Overhaul

1 hr - $100

Replacing seals, cleaning, lubricating, set-up & care. Plus, headset overhaul & inspection.

Rear shock 50 hr Overhaul 

1 hr - $100

Replacing seals, cleaning, lubricating, set-up & care. Plus bearings & pivot assessment. 

Shifters & Derailleurs - Mechanical

1 hr 30 min - $125

Removal of derailleurs, replacement of cables/housing, cleaning/lubricating, set-up, alignment & adjustments

Shifters & Derailleurs - Electronic

1 hr - $100

Removal of derailleurs, pairing/connecting, cleaning/lubricating, set-up, alignment & adjustments

Brakes - Mechanical

1 hr 30 min - $125

Removal of brakes, replacement of cables/housing, cleaning/lubricating, set-up, alignment, adjustments & brake pad/rim assessment

Brakes - Hydraulic 

1 hr 30 min - $125

Cleaning, bleeding, set-up, alignment, adjustments & brake pad/rotor assessment.


1 hr 30 min - $125

Removal of the cassette, chain, bottom bracket, crank & chainring(s). Inspection of bb bearings & drivetrain wear. Cleaning, set-up, & care

Flat Fix - Tubeless

45 min - $75

Tire, sealant & rim tape installation. On-trail/road puncture solutions

Flat Fix - Tube

30 min - $50

Tire, tube & rim tape installation. On-trail/road puncture solutions

Bike Riding 101

45 min - $75

Appropriate Shifting & Braking techniques, adequate saddle height, posture, how to correctly pedal & navigate the bicycle

Bicycle Service 101

30 min - $50

Explanation of all parts, differences between types (cost, quality, style, etc.), service intervals, proper shifting, wear, and tear

Advance Road Biking (One-on-one schedule)

45 - 60 min - $75 - 100

How to better utilize and understand your cycling computer & its metrics. How to ride faster with cadence and other techniques

Mountain Biking Clinic