Earl's Bike Shop Monthly Sunday MTB Ride


sundays AM & Wednesday Night rides

location changes monthly

SUNDAY morning (once a month)

Meet at 10:00 am; Roll out at 10:15 am

10:15 am - ~11:45 am: All levels group trail ride (drop ride, more info below)

~ 11:45 am: regroup and snack break

~ 12:00 pm: group splits - choose a session to freeride or ride more trails

~ 2:00 pm: End


**January 18, 2023**
ride cancelled

Meet at 6:30 pm, Roll out at 6:45 pm

End ~ 9:00 pm

We'll try to get food afterwards together

Olde Rope Mill or Blankets Creek

Calendar of Rides

Trails close due to rainfall and/or for maintenance.

Ride cancelations are updated here and in our Instagram stories

January 15, 2023

Meet at 10:00 am; Roll out at 10:15 am

Allatoona Creek trails

Meet at Pitner Road Parking lot

We'll start with Turtleback and proceed to Mason Bridge

Those that want to continue to Driftwood can after Mason Bridge (meet in main parking lot, not on Pitner Road)

For the rest that wants to ride Freeride, return through Turtleback back to the Pitner Road parking lot

Currently, bow hunting season is open in the area. The trails are not closed but wanted to inform you all.

**This trail doesn't drain fast so after Thu's rain, it may be closed**

January 18, 2023

Meet at 6:30 pm, Roll out at 6:45 pm

Blankets Creek

*Helmets are mandatory*

Double-check that you have everything you need: 

The bike is functioning well, sealant in your tires, appropriate trail clothing, lights for night riding, food, and water, 

These are drop rides, we will try to stay together but you will be responsible for navigating yourself and getting back to your vehicle safely

Study which trails we are doing that day

The hope is that groups will naturally form within the ride.

Be ok riding by yourself or not in the front group. We will never make any feel like they are less than anyone else. On the contrary, we cheer on anyone who wants to grow as a cyclist.

You are responsible for yourself. We are not liable for anyone sustaining any injury.

A positive attitude is required. Whether these rides are easy or hard for you, come out to have fun and maybe learn from each other. Even the most seasoned rider will always learn from someone else.

Come hang out at the shop afterward! Bring snacks and drinks to share if you'd like.