Fall and Winter Essentials

For some riders, November marks the worst time of the year to get outside on a bike. However, we love the cool air and lower humidity that fall and winter bring. With the proper gear, getting through the dark and cold months is easy. Below, we’ve written a little about our favorite fall and winter essentials.

Flux Headlights: 800-1200 Lumens /  $80-$150

A bright-as-heck headlight for seeing off-road at night. With a solid mount for your helmet or handlebars, you can mountain bike under a new moon and still see the trail. Flux lights boast some of the best charging times money can buy. In an hour and a half, the light will charge to about 80%. Now a night ride won’t be ruined by forgetting to charge your lights!


Stix Elite Headlights and Taillights: $40

These lights are perfect for being seen— day or night. With a variety of mounting options and long battery life, these lights are ride essentials. One of their best features is the way they charge. With a USB connector straight on the light, you won’t have to hunt for a cable to charge the lights.


HyperViz Vest: $110

A vest is an essential part of any cool or cold ride. Rides that warm with the rising sun let the vest shine and the HyperViz vest pairs reflective trim and the brightest colors to keep your core warm and seen while riding. 


Thermal liner gloves: $35

Good gloves keep you warm without limiting your dexterity. The best gloves keep your hands warm in the shoulder months and stay useful when freezing temps requite heavy-duty protection.  Specialized’s Thermal Liner gloves do just that. When used alone, the gloves can keep you comfortable in temps around the mid 40°s. Below that, they can be worn in conjunction with more serious gloves to keep you riding in comfort well into the teens. 


As always, give us a call/text at 404-935-9115 or email us at hello@earlsbike.shop if you have any questions or want to know more about what gear we recommend for colder rides.